You Can Now Get Pickled Onion Space Raider Potato Faces At This Birmingham Burger Joint

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A creation that’s out of this world!

A 90s school disco not only consisted of songs by Spice Girls, Steps, Bewitched, Westlife, Boyzone, Oasis and Blur on repeat, but the food and drink served back in the day was pretty iconic. A bottle of Panda Pop in one hand and a packet of Space Raiders in the other, sipping and munching on these before hitting the school hall floor to dance to Los del Rio‘s ‘Macarena’.

Well, now, the crisp classic has been given a face lift. Specifically a fluffy potato one. Birmingham burger joint, Meat Meets Bun, announced this week it’s brand new special- pickled onion-flavoured Space Raider potato faces served with a cheese sauce to dip them in- and they are one tasty, nostalgic throwback.

Meat Meets Bun, a new business run by food blogger Chris Hardy, also known as The Fat Foodie, opened an outlet at Zumhof Biergarten’s street food market in Digbeth last month, and is now serving this absolute snack alongside his mouthwatering burgers.

The burger restaurant offers delicious stacks dripping with cheese such as their Black & Blue burger- aged beef patty, black pudding crumb, stilton and American cheese, chilli jam, pickle relish, plus black garlic mayo all in a sesame brioche bun. There are also cheesy and salted tater tots on the menu to enjoy as a side or snack, as well as, of course, the latest special from Meat Meets Bun.


The Birmingham food blogger also has four other burgers to choose from, including a vegan one featuring a BA-HA vegan patty. Meat Meets Bun has previously served cajun spiced potato smileys served with tomato ketchup, but we think these new potato faces sprinkled with crushed pickled-onion flavoured Space Raiders are something else. A crunchy and tangy pickled onion coating with fluffy potato inside, plus a gooey, cheesy dip- what’s not to love?

You’ll find Meat Meets Bun on Zumhof’s new second floor which houses the Zumhof Junkyard bar and Zumhof Food Märkt. This street food area also features the Birmingham kings of fried chicken, Bonehead, Japanese street food vendors, Zuki, Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza and Schwënker, known for their brilliant bratwursts.

Meat Meets Bun, Zumhof Biergarten, 29 Heath Mill Lane, Digbeth, B9 4AL

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