You Can Get A Double Decker Pain Au Chocolat In Birmingham And It’s The Stuff Of Dreams

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


Flaky, buttery pastry and a gooey chocolate centre- what could possibly make a pain au chocolat even tastier? Well, this Birmingham bakery has given the mighty French breakfast pastry an upgrade by combining it with all the delicious components that go into a Cadbury’s Double Decker chocolate bar.

The Early Bird Bakery in Kings Heath has also not only baked this stunning piece of Viennoisserie once, but twice. Filled with honey almond frangipane, sweet caramel and an oozy soft nougat, coated in milk chocolate and cereal, it’s a drool-worthy delight to savour on just as you’ve woken up or any time of the day. I’m drooling at the thought.

The baked goods from this independent Birmingham bakery are honestly the stuff of dreams, with each pastry baked to perfection and filled with decadent flavours. But with this bake, The Early Bird Bakery has seriously outdone themselves, so much so they get numerous requests to see this Double Decker pain au chocolat constantly on their menu.

However, this pastry creation is isn’t the only stand-out patisserie item on the bakery’s menu. The Early Bird Bakery has even created a Twix twice baked pain au chocolat, as well as ones featuring Ferro Rocher; Bounty; and Snickers inside. Plus, back in October 2020, they baked sticky toffee pudding flavoured croissants, which were filled with date frangipane, date puree, sea salt caramel and topped with whipped caramel cream, date and banana cake, honeycomb and a pipette of toffee sauce!


The Early Bird Bakery also produces incredible flavoured and filled doughnuts, buns, choux, brioche, cakes, tarts and biscuits. Their recent menu featured the likes of a raspberry and white chocolate custard brioche; peanut butter and chocolate taco; chocolate Guinness cake; and marmalade and caramelised white chocolate custard doughnut.

For savoury fans, the bakery also serves toasties with a range of fillings, breakfast rolls and meat-filled croissants such as croque monsieur and chorizo sausage roll. You may love it or hate it but they even made a Marmite, cheddar and spring onion croissant scroll.

The bakery recommend you pre-order pastries for delivery or collection on their online shop as not to be disappointed and they reveal a menu on Instagram every week. The Early Bird Bakery offers an array of hot drinks available to order too to accompany either your naughty breakfast or super-satisfying lunch.

The Early Bird Bakery, 28 High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JT

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