A Restaurant Dedicated To Avocado Is Coming To Birmingham – And It Sounds Amazing

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Holy guacamole!

The Avocado Show, the Insta-famous restaurant in Amsterdam dedicated to serving avocados has announced plans to bring the green eatery to the UK. After launching three years ago in the Dutch city, it seems the restaurant has done dam good and wants to expand to more European cities.

The Avocado Show plans to have branches in London, Madrid and Paris, with London set to launch in an undisclosed location this year. According to the company, its international expansion was “all but certain”, and was “triggered by unprecedented demand and franchise requests.”

avocado show poke
Credit: The Avocado Show

The avocado-centric restaurant then plans to open in other “key cities and towns”, so you won’t be too far from getting your avocado fix. In the UK, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, and Guildford have been tipped as prime spots for avocado-based dining.

In 2017, The Avocado Show had everyone talking as it launched a menu dedicated to having avocado in almost every plate of food and mainly playing the starring role in the dish. The restaurant founders Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal founded the brand with a simple mission: to “bring joy to avocado lovers”.

avocado show salmon burger
Credit: The Avocado Show

The founders have brightened up our Instagram feeds by bringing photos of beautifully crafted and decorated green dishes, as a result expanding their fanbase to more than 140,000 followers on social media. The popularity of this millennial fruit (not a vegetable) which tops so many slices of toasts on a daily basis even led the brand to launch a cookbook, merchandise collection, and a documentary about sustainability in the restaurant’s supply chain.


The Avocado Show has previously had a pop-up restaurant in London, but this time, you’ll be happy to know, it’s here to stay. So, soon you’ll be able to get yout hands on the infamous avocado burger that uses a whole avocado cut in half as a bread bun alternative.

avocado show burger
Credit: The Avocado Show

Other green delights on The Avocado Show’s menu range from poké bowls to breakfast egg dishes, as well as salads, pancakes and other sweet treats like ice cream and cheesecake. There is also another well-known item on their menu that is avo fries- slices of avocado covered in panko breadcrumbs- which are served with truffle mayo.

And then there’s the avocado on toast, the brunch temptress who is ‘apparently’ hindering so many from buying a house. Well, society can keep waiting because the avocado show is not over, it’s only the beginning!

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