Birmingham’s Balti Triangle Is Somewhere We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Lost In Forever

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Birmingham’s Balti Triangle Is Somewhere We Wouldn’t Mind Getting Lost In Forever

Birmingham has an entire area dedicated to its beloved balti.

Birmingham’s Balti Triangle spans the triangle between Stratford Road, Alcester Road and Wake Green Road, including the popular Ladypool Road and Stoney Lane. It is so-called because of the huge number of restaurants in the area serving up curries using the balti technique. Ultimately, it’s the perfect place to visit for some South Asian food, and it plays an important part in Birmingham’s history. (Featured image: Shabab’s

The balti was invented in Birmingham, and was named after the vessel in which this Brummie curry was first cooked. Adil’s restaurant, which you can still find within the Balti Triangle, is credited with the invention of the balti. Chef Mohammed Arif used the wok-like pan to cook the new dish, after witnessing the cooking style in Pakistan.


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Back in the nineties, the Balti Triangle was booming — boasting over 40 balti houses. However, there are now only a few left, including OG balti bosses Adil’s, which is also home to the epic ‘table naan’, as well as other standout spots like Shabab’s.

Birmingham has always had a significant population of people who come from South Asia, or who have roots there. The balti is reflective of the westernisation of South Asian cuisine, but in Birmingham you can get both authentic curries with a home-cooked feel, and also delicious Brummie baltis.


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There are restaurants with a more upmarket, fine-dining kind of feel, right next door to those with far less formal vibes. The food at both is equally moreish. Plus, when you’re finished stuffing yourself with pakoras and perfect pilau, you can head to one of the sweet shops and pick up something sugary to enjoy. If you have never eaten Indian sweets before then you are in for an absolute treat.

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Once voted the curry capital of the UK, Birmingham has since lost its title. However, as foodies flock to Birmingham for a delicious curry, the influence of South Asian cooking will only continue to be a part of Birmingham’s flourishing culinary identity.

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