Reunite With The Pub In Style By Using This Handy Map Of Beer Gardens In The UK

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Today is the day!

It’s a white Christmas today in the UK. I know your calendar might say it’s April 12 but, friends, you all know it’s no ordinary Spring morning.

Pubs are opening up for the first time since, funnily enough, December, so it’s no wonder that the weather’s got a bit muddled up and decided to give us some fleeting snow this weekend to mark the occasion, eh? Very typical, given the fact we can only sip on a pint in an outdoor space as of now. UK’s gonna UK, I guess.

Here’s a snippet of Bevvi’s tool below:

Fear not, though; we all know some measly cold weather would never come in the way of Britons and their beloved pubs–especially after nearly five months. And many of those braving the cold this week might need some pointers on where to head, especially if their local of choice isn’t blessed with an outdoor space.

Enter Bevvi. This nifty little tool gives you a map of all the beer gardens opening today across the whole country. Using this super simple map, you’ll be spoiled with ample options in no time.


And, it’s excellent viewing for Brummies, which evidently doesn’t appear to be short on beer gardens! Just zoom in on your preferred area of the city and find the perfect spot for you to reunite with your beloved drinks in the sun. Let’s hope that last part makes a proper appearance soon, anyway.

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Plus, if you’re using the app, you can even show off your very first pint and send a location to your pals so they can join the fun. After nearly five months, I think we’ve all earned it.

Bevvi is a fun new app that ensures you never miss out on the fun with your mates, whether it’s by sharing current plans or crating new ones — and is useful for socialising in the post-covid world. View the wonderful Bevvi beer gardens map here, or download their app.

The trusty map currently covers 250 square miles of Birmingham, Sheffield, London and Manchester with over 1000 pub gardens. New additions can be uploaded, too; so if you’re favourite spot for this week doesn’t appear, be sure to add it in so others can enjoy the party!

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