You Can Now Stay Overnight In These Amazing Lodges At West Midland Safari Park

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Another place to add to your staycation list.

West Midland Safari Park has announced that you can now book to stay in one of their luxury safari lodges overnight and wake up to wildlife. The park, located in Bewdley, Worcestershire,  has eight lodges available to allow visitors to overlook cheetahs and African elephants, creating an immersive overnight wildlife experience.

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Credit: Stephane Leduc and West Midland Safari Park

Six of the lodges at West Midland Safari Park will offer views of the elephants and the other two lodges will offer incredible views of the park’s cheetahs. Whichever lodge you may choose to stay in, this experience is the first of its kind in the UK.

The double-story elephant lodges have thatched roofs and accommodate up to five people. They have large, open-plan living spaces: with a lounge, dining area and kitchenette, as well as a spacious balcony with outdoor seating, offering great views to watch elephants roam and approach the pool in front of the lodges. You never know, the elephants might even spray you with their trunks!


Credit: Stephane Leduc and West Midland Safari Park

The two single-story, detached cheetah lodges sleep up to six guests and offer panoramic views of the cheetahs in their new habitat, so you shouldn’t be able to miss them despite their fast speed. There is a floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom which also offers similar, incredible views to watch the park’s cheetahs run and play.

As well as being close to the wildlife, the overnight experience at the safari park includes dinner and breakfast at their onsite restaurant, plus exclusive views of the animals and admission to the park and its attractions. Each lodge also has free Wi-Fi, a TV, coffee machine and mini bar, filled with local produce, so you’ll have plenty of snacks to enjoy whilst you watch the wildlife.

Credit: Stephane Leduc and West Midland Safari Park

The brand-new development began work back in February 2020, with the hope of opening in July, however it is now open from April 19 and bookings for 2021 have almost sold out (but bookings for 2022 are also being taken now). Prices start from £171 per adult per night and £147 per night for a child. For further information on the safari lodges and details on how to book, visit the website here.

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