Trick Or Treating Has Been Banned For Those Living In ‘Local Lockdown’ Areas

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Trick Or Treating Has Been Banned For Those Living In ‘Local Lockdown’ Areas

Who knew Halloween could possibly get anymore frightful?

Following the cancellation of a number of Christmas events here in Birmingham, it turns out nothing is safe – with No. 10 confirming just today that Trick Or Treating will be banned this year in local lockdown areas. Approximately 20 million Brits are currently subject to local lockdown rules, including Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Sandwell and Solihull, with household mixing strictly banned under new Coronavirus laws. And now, children in those areas will need to make their own fun as a result of the biggest Halloween tradition being banned in a bid to curb infection rates.

A No. 10 spokesperson said today: “The rules are clear on household mixing, dependent on whether you are in a local lockdown area or not.

“We are clear that everybody needs to follow the rule of six to ensure we can control and try and reduce the spread of the virus.”

“We are asking everybody to abide by that rule. The guidance is clear in terms of what we are asking the public to do.”


Those outside of the local lockdown areas will be required to stick to the ‘Rule of Six’ regulation, meaning that if people do choose to go out Trick or Treating this year, they’ll be required to stay in small groups to minimise the spread of the virus and stick to social distancing guidelines while doing so.

While a number of Northern towns and cities are currently living under local lockdown restrictions, it’s unclear which will be subject to these rules come Halloween – with cases in the UK rising exponentially.

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