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Fancy yourself as the next pinball wizard?

Regardless of your level of pinball wizardry, enjoy a game with added luxury at this Birmingham bar. Tilt is the city arcade hangout that allows you to hone simultaneous crafts. Craft beer, specialty hot drinks and crafty pinball practice.

It’s the type of idyllic location that, in theory, there’d be no issue with spending the entire day in. Sip on a perfectly roasted and filtrated coffee while digging into that new book or cracking into a work assignment. Break up the day with a few games of pinball, before challenging your mates to a fierce competition alongside a few rounds of their craft beer.

Tilt offers a selection of 20 pinball machines over three different floors. They feature many different themes, from Stranger Things to Batman to The Simpsons. Each experience costs £1 per game or £2 for three.

You can also purchase bottles of their craft selection to take home. At a modest £1.25, you can lament over narrowly losing a round of pinball from your own sofa. Sadly, Tilt won’t let you take home any of the pinball machines.


Loose leaf tea is another popular draw to this Brummie bar, offering a unique blend of flavours, such as Canton Chocolate and Organic Wild Rooibos. Plus, a host of pinball, coffee and beer décor scatters the walls of Tilt, with plenty of light coming in from the street to enjoy your roasted java with.

As The Who once told us, pinball wizardry is nigh-impossible to achieve, but you can get pretty darn close at Tilt — all while hitting a ball around Homer Simpson’s face. Tilt is now open everyday from 10am til late and booking is not required.

Tilt, City Arcade, 2 Union Street, B2 4TX,

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