You Could Soon Stay Overnight In These Terrific Tiger Lodges At West Midland Safari Park

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


The designs also feature hot tubs on private verandas.

If the accommodation at West Midland Safari Park wasn’t enviable enough with safari lodges near elephants, cheetahs and red pandas which offer stunning panoramic views of the site’s spectacular wildlife, the park hopes to bring more. The Bewdley attraction has submitted further proposed plans to Wyre Forest District Council for its second phase of safari lodges accommodation development, to offer luxury overnight stays with Sumatran tigers.

The single-story accommodation will be authentically integrated into the newly built tiger habitat, giving guests an immersive and unforgettable overnight wildlife encounter, like no other. Sleeping up to four people, the tiger lodges will feature open plan living and luxury interiors, with breath-taking views from every room into the new tiger habitat through floor to ceiling windows.

Credit: Dave Powner, WMSP

In a similar layout to the site’s cheetah lodges, which also have single-story access, the interior spaces will provide guests with an up-close unique experience where they can live and sleep just a whisker away from the magnificent creatures.

The stunning new designs also feature sunken hot tubs on private verandas, where guests can sit back and relax, whilst enjoying a ‘cat’s eye’ view through windows into the tiger enclosure. The verandas also have slatted roofs which can be opened or closed depending on the guest’s preference, for a sensational one-of-a-kind experience.


Credit: West Midland Safari Park

Alongside the introduction of the two new lodge stays, the plans also focus on upgrading the Park’s animal facilities. This includes a new state-of-the art tiger house and stunning outdoor habitat, thriving with vegetation, which will offer the animals 24-hour access to both their indoor and outdoor environments.

The Park is currently home to two Sumatran tigers, and it is the hope that these new plans will provide more opportunity to continue further with the vital conservation work needed to protect this critically endangered species. There are thought to be less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, and it is the Park’s hope that the new lodges will help drive awareness of the species’ plight.

This new submission comes just three weeks after the Park shared plans for giraffe and white rhino lodges, for which building works are due to commence in September 2021. It is hoped that when planning permission is granted for the new tiger lodges, works shall begin for these in October 2021.

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