The Creepy Doll From Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Will Appear In Birmingham This Weekend

Alex Landon Alex Landon

The Creepy Doll From Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Will Appear In Birmingham This Weekend

Managed to escape the Halloween weekend without too many frights? Well first of all, nice work, and second of all, if you want to keep that going through November, you may want to avoid Grand Central Station this Saturday (November 6). Netflix will be installing a replica of Squid Game’s chilling doll at the station, terrorising commuters with eerie songs and the creepy dread that they’ll be drawn into a game of Red Light, Green Light. Fun!

A Squid Game pop-up (pictured here in London) is coming to Birmingham this weekend.

If haven’t seen the show, just know that terrifying things tend to happen when this doll appears, so if you’re of a delicate sensibility, you may want to dodge her. Flanked by costumed guards from the show, this terrifying three-metre apparition will sing to passers-by, and follow their progress through the station with her eager eyes. N O P E!

It’s not the first time she’s been spotted on UK shores, and it won’t be the last either. Halloween found her at Westfield shopping centre in London, and at the same time that she’s scheduled to appear in Birmingham, a sister doll will be terrorising shoppers at Manchester‘s Trafford Centre. At one point do we start worrying about exactly how many dolls have infiltrated the UK’s major cities?

Anyway, if you’re brave enough, you can head down throughout the day on Saturday for complementary cookies, all carved with shapes from Squid Game, and a. Unluckily (or perhaps thankfully, given how things turn out in the show), there’s no chance to win yourselves a massive amount of money from this doll…

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