6 Of The Best Places To Enjoy A Marvellous Martini In Birmingham

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6 Of The Best Places To Enjoy A Marvellous Martini In Birmingham

You can’t go wrong with an espresso or pornstar martini.

When we think of cocktails, martinis are one of the top drinks that spring to mind. There’s just something about a buzzing, coffee-fuelled espresso martini or a juicy passionfruit-flavoured pornstar martini (with a shot of prosecco, of course) that make them absolute winners when it comes to a great night out with friends. So, we’ve compiled a guide to the best places in Birmingham to enjoy delicious martinis at, meaning you can enjoy this tipple of choice with ease and knowing it’s mixed to perfection. From bars shaking up classic mouth-watering martinis to eateries serving exciting twists on pornstar and espresso martinis, here are six of the best bars and restaurants for you to sip these cocktail favourites at.

1. Dirty Martini

Credit: Dirty Martini

A super-stylish bar with both an airy cocktail bar and dark, yet ambient basement bar that’s perfect for dancing and catching up with mates, Dirty Martini is one of Birmingham’s most photogenic places to enjoy a refreshing martini – after all, it’s in the name! From summer flavours such as watermelon and strawberry, to the proper classic dirty or espresso martini, there’s a little something for all cocktail lovers.

Dirty Martini, 7 Bennetts Hill, B2 5ST

2. The Victoria

Credit: The Victoria

Music venue and Grade II-listed pub, The Victoria, isn’t your average watering hole. With a vibrant and grand interior, as well as an outstanding drinks menu featuring well-crafted cocktails, you’ll feel pretty sophisticated sipping on a martini here. Serving sweet shop-inspired cocktails, you’ll also find classic cocktails such as espresso martinis and pornstar martinis both featuring Absolut vanilla vodka. The Victoria even has a pink pornstar martini- a blend of Beefeater pink gin, rose liqueur and passionfruit- an exciting twist on this firm favourite.

The Victoria, 48 John Bright Street, B1 1BN

3. The Rose Villa Tavern

Credit: The Rose Villa Tavern

This Jewellery Quarter gem plays hosts to quiz nights every Tuesday and whilst you deliberate your answers you can sip on a beautifully-crafted espresso or pornstar martini. Plus, you can even bag yourself one of each as the bar has happy hour at selected times, meaning you can enjoy two cocktails for £9. The Rose Villa Tavern’s pornstar martini packs a tropical punch, featuring Absolut passionfruit vodka, fresh lime, passionfruit and pineapple juice and served with the classic shot of prosecco. Plus, you can even bag yourself one of each martini as the bar has a happy hour at selected times, meaning you can enjoy two cocktails for £9.

The Rose Villa Tavern, 172 Warstone Lane, B18 6JW

4. The Jekyll & Hyde

Credit: The Jekyll & Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson inspired the owner of The Jekyll and Hyde to open up their very own bar, right here in Birmingham. In keeping with the theme of a man split asunder, there are two sections to this drinking joint- Dr. Jekyll’s Parlour and Mr Hyde’s Bar. Serving a wide selection of cocktails including espresso and pornstar martinis, The Jekyll & Hyde serves delicious “remedial refreshments” and “sinister serums” as well as delectable sweet-inspired cocktails reminiscent of your childhood.


The Jekyll & Hyde, 28 Steelhouse Lane, B4 6BJ

5. Bodega

Credit: Bodega

Led by the same team behind The Rose Villa Tavern, Bodega serves up sensational small plates, tacos and burritos, as well as some banging cocktails not to be missed. Try the restaurant’s sweet espresso martini which has the addition of chocolate bitters, or for a twist there’s ‘Café Fuerte’, what the restaurant like to call “the Espresso Martini’s Mexican cousin”, which features our good ol’ friend, tequila. Plus, for all the pornstar martini lovers in Birmingham, there’s the Pornstar Daiquiri with Havana 3 Year Old rum, perfect to enjoy before tucking into some unreal wraps or eating your weight in nachos and guacamole.

Bodega, 12 Bennett’s Hill, B2 5RS

6. Gusto

espresso martini gusto
Credit: Gusto

Gusto is one of Birmingham’s most beautiful Italian restaurants, but in addition to the food, guests can also enjoy the gorgeous art deco-style bar – which houses a glorious cocktail menu packed full of martinis. Sip on rich espresso martinis, refreshing Lychee flavours, and of course, the more popular options such as the fruity pornstar martini.

Gusto, Unit 10, The Grand Hotel, Colmore Row, B3 2BS

Please drink responsibly, for the facts visit drinkaware.co.uk. 18+ only. 

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