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Board games can be a dicey business.

Sadly, Birmingham is not blessed with blue skies and sunshine every day, so when a downpour erupts it can put a literal dampener on our outdoor plans. On rainy days like these it calls for getting your mates together for a good ol’ board game with a brew or bev.

Meeple Mayhem, one of Birmingham’s quirky coffee shops is a brilliant addition to the city. Opening in 2017 and boasting over 300 different games – including both the classics (Monopoly, Cluedo, Risk) and some modern favourites (Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity alternative, Crabs Adjust Humidity) – it’s the perfect spot for a nerdy and nostalgic get together with your mates.

Credit: Meeple Mayhem

Located in Edgbaston, Meeple Mayhem is more than just a café. There’s a bar serving up beers and ciders, as well as a kitchen cooking up delicious burgers, hot dogs, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast, and even calamari and chicken wings as a tasty starter or snack to get stuck into as well.

Plus, to fuel your concentration in deciding your next move, Meeple Mayhem serves up a daily selection of cakes as well as milkshakes. Their house special milkshake blends vanilla ice cream, espresso, Oreo cookies and Nutella to create the ultimate sweet fix and buzz to sip on mid-game.

Credit: Meeple Mayhem

The board game cafe has a small selection of board games, trading cards and Games Workshop products for sale and you can order legacy games to play in the café on demand. You and your mates – opponents or allies – pay £5 per person for the first three hours, and £1 per person for every additional hour after that.


Visitors under 12 can play half price, and if you are just stopping by for food and drink, you do not need to pay the board game charge. Meeple Mayhem also hosts regular events and competitions, in addition to offering their venue as a place for game creators to test their new products.

Credit: Meeple Mayhem

So Scrabble some pals together for a bit of friendly competition- Uno it’s likely to end in an argument but it’s always a Risk you’re willing to take.

Meeple Mayhem, 226 Monument Road, B16 8UZ

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