Here’s A Map Of Birmingham Toilets That Are Open During Lockdown

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Here’s A Map Of Birmingham Toilets That Are Open During Lockdown

We’re bursting to bring you this news.

There’s no worse feeling. You’re out in public and desperate for the loo, and it’s an absolute nightmare to find a nearby toilet. It was bad enough even before coronavirus was at large. [Featured image: Lockdown Loos]

Well, this could make our lives just a wee bit easier. Thanks to Lockdown Loos, we now have a database of all the public toilets open in Birmingham during the lockdown. A lifesaver for many during these tricky times, we’re sure.

As of now, the number of toilets in Birmingham open for use is jumping up, and users are invited to pin any others they happen upon to the database. Just head to the site and click “Submit a loo-cation”. See what they did there?

In time, with all new additions, any Brummie, wherever they might be, will be able to call upon the nearest toilet at a desperate time. Lockdown Loos is the heroic tool we always knew we needed, and it’s sure to continue to be of use in the post-lockdown days to come.

To find a loo or add one to help others, get over to Lockdown Loos website right here.

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