This Dog Food Company Is Paying People To Look At Cute Pictures Of Dogs And Honestly, Where Do We Sign?

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Is this the dream job, or is it the dream job?

Pinch yourself. Splash some water on your face. Just do what you need to do to convince yourself that this new job is… actually real? Yes, you could now have the chance to look at pictures of cute dogs all day and be paid for your time!

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Most of the time when we stare at adorable dogs on the internet during work hours, it’s sadly filed under “procrastination” (booooo!)–but tell that to this dog food company and your mindset will be changed for the better! They plan to have you swooning over the cutest puppies in no time.

Prodog Raw are offering to pay £20-an-hour for a day’s work where 10 lucky participants will be treated to hourly pictures of dogs as they go about their daily activities. It’s part of a study to find out whether pictures of animals on social media alleviate stress levels.


Paw-ticipants will be equipped with a heartbeat monitor, to see if they become more relaxed when pictures of dogs are introduced to their daily routine. This study comes after a recent survey of 1,402 discovered that 73% of people prefer seeing a picture of a dog or cat than a selfie on the internet. 63% also confirmed they were more likely to engage with an animal post than a human one.

Anyone aged 18-60 with a desk-based job can apply. The ten participants will be chosen in Mid-April, so get applying for this one-in-a-lifetime op-paw-tunity. We repeat; you can get paid actual money to look at cute dogs. What more needs to be said? They just call it puppy love.

If this is for you, you can apply here.

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