20 Of The Sweetest, Spookiest And Cutest Halloween Dogs Of 2020

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halloween dogs

Because who doesn’t want to see some adorable Halloween-themed dogs this time of year?

Halloween is bound to be a bit different this year but this doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy it. There are many ways to get that spooky feeling this season but when the opportunity arises to look at dogs dressed as pumpkins, it should definitely be prioritized. So, put your pumpkin latte down and gaze upon these adorable Halloween-themed dogs to make this spooky season extra-special.

1. Angus the dog, modelling the Halloween latest fashion.

2. Not scary but very magical.

3. Pumpkin dog doesn’t look too pleased with his owner’s choice of costume.

4. ‘What is this on my head?’

5. Oh my god, so spooky.

6. Elegant and spooky – well done, little spitz

7. So scared. Terrified. Honestly.

8. It’s probably blasphemy but The Pope looks pretty cute here.

9. 0 points for effort. 10 points for cuteness.


10. Simple, yet effective.

11. Having a snuggle with a skeleton.

12. You’re not fooling anyone, spooky dog! But you’re adorable.

13. Three little witch-dogs in a row.

14. A spooky samoyed spectre.

15. ‘May I come in and use your phone? Promise I’m not a witch’

16. Definitely a ghost and not just a dog.

17. A cute little cockapoo, appeasing our obsession with Halloween.

18. It’s Batdog!

19. The original 1939 cast of The Wizard Of Oz.

20. Ahhhhhh!

Are you feeling Halloweeny yet?

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