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From mouthwatering martinis to delicious yet distinctive drinks.

We all love a good bar in Brum- the socialising, the atmosphere and of course, the cocktails. However, this latest arrival based in the heart of the city brings a carefully-curated cocktail menu featuring a wide range of original and classic cocktails, meaning they can find the perfect tipple for all tastes.

Fox & Chance is an innovative new cocktail bar on Pinfold Street and just a stone’s throw away from New Street station. In their menu design, the bar strives to keep one foot stepping into the future while the other remains firmly rooted in the past. Fox & Chance aims to deliver a drinks menu which is modern and stays in touch with current trends whilst paying homage to the colourful and wonderful history of the cocktail bar industry.

But that’s not the only kind of history that this bar gives a nod to. The bar name’s Fox & Chance and trusty mascot Charlie the Fox were inspired by the Chance Brothers and Charles Fox who were big names in helping to spur the city’s development and were associated with Birmingham’s Railway.

Their contributions and innovations played a key part in getting the beautiful city of Birmingham to where it is today. Following their footsteps, the Fox & Chance team hopes it can contribute to Birmingham’s continued forward momentum and to work with other local businesses to bring a new experience to the city’s centre.

As well as taking inspiration from these Brummie innovators in term’s of their business name, it also shows in the bar’s interior. Take the Fox & Chance bathroom for instance, the West Midlands rail line map has been used for inspiration for the bespoke lighting feature and copper detailing sits alongside classic subway tiles to bring out the theme.

Within the bar, you’ll find hues of green as well as a wooden interior creating a cosy feel for you to sip your cocktails at. There are also more influences to Birmingham’s brilliant history of industrial entrepreneurs combined with some of the city’s exciting culture and eccentricities, whether it be through the pictures that adorn the bar’s walls or the small details on their menu.


Fox & Chance aims to replicate the welcoming atmosphere you get at your local pub,  as well as provide an ideal place to enjoy great music whilst tasting your way through their menu. Standout drinks include ‘Flip the Pip’, which is described as “a smooth and creamy cocktail and a decadent treat for any time of the night” and features a mix of banana-infused rum, maple syrup and stout.

For other refreshing combinations, there’s a crisp classic for those who like a boozy drink. Known as Stone Fence, it mixes the sweet with the spicy nature of rye whiskey with maple syrup and dry cider to create a great taste, perfect for sunny days or if you’re feeling nostalgic for summer.

Fox & Chance opens on September 16 and will also be serving classic and mouthwatering cocktails such as daiquiris and espresso martinis, plus local beers by Birmingham Brewing Company.

Fox & Chance, 45 Pinfold Street, B2 4AY

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