Coronavirus Cases Have Shot Down To Their Lowest Levels Since July

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Encouraging news.

As we approach the next signpost of Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown–which sees outdoor hospitality resume from Monday, April 12–some more good news has just come to light. New data has shown that cases of Covid-19 in the UK are at their lowest since July 2020. According to the ZOE Covid Symptom Study, there is currently an average of 1,934 cases of symptomatic Covid-19 cases in the UK.

This data comes from swab tests from up to five days ago. Numbers have dropped off by 54 per cent from last week, which recorded an average of 4,154 daily cases. It also shows a 98% drop off from the peak recording of 69,000 cases at the beginning of 2021.


Tim Spector OBE, who is the Lead Scientist on the ZOE app, said: “According to the latest data, daily new cases of Covid have more than halved over a seven day period, with cases now below 2,000. Admissions and deaths are also continuing to decline, putting the UK in a similar place to July last year. It’s unlikely that cases will continue to fall at this pace, but with the vaccinations programme and the weather improving, it’s likely they will remain low.”
The weekly survey also found that the UK R Number currently stands at 0.7. This number represents the average number of people someone who tests positive for Covid can infect. If the number is below 1, it means the case numbers are shrinking, as it stands.
After announcing this good news, Spector added that people must remain cautious, stay home and get a test should they start feeling unwell with any of the Covid-19 symptoms. The news comes following the announcement that the Moderna vaccine has begun distribution in the UK, adding new hope for those waiting for their vaccination.

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