8 Stunning Photos Of Last Night’s Rare Great Conjunction Forming A ‘Christmas Star’

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

photos of christmas star around the world

People were in awe at the appearance of this beautiful Christmas star.

Last night marked an incredibly rare Great Conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn appeared to meet just after sunset, creating the first ‘Christmas star’ in 800 years. The winter solstice created a beautiful, dark backdrop for the star to shine, and this amazing phenomenon appeared to people across the world – however, poor visibility in London meant we weren’t exactly treated to the astrological display we expected…

Since the last Great Conjunction occurred in 1226 and the next is not predicted to appear until 2080, it’s a phenomenon we were hoping to capture on camera. Luckily, plenty of people around the world have been posting photos of what appeared to them in their home countries, and the results are pretty spectacular.

1. Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

2. California, United States


3. Virginia, United States

4. California, United States

5. Split, Croatia

6. Buraq, Dubai

7. Punta Campanella, Amalfi Coast, Italy

8. Brisbane, Australia

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