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With over 500 board games to choose from, you won’t be stuck playing Monopoly.

Just four years after launching their initial Kickstarter campaign—which saw close to 300 backers put up over £13,000—Chance & Counters opened its third café. This time in Birmingham, the city where the idea was born. [Featured image: @chanceandcounters]

Such has been the growth in the popularity of tabletop games, the Birmingham edition of Chance & Counters is by far the largest of the three. It takes up 3500-square feet of space smack bang inside of the iconic Custard Factory, rubbing shoulders with the Mockingbird Cinema and the younger creative types flocking to the area.

However, players of all ages and expertise are welcome at Chance & Counters. Play for as little as £3 per person for a two-hour session, or £5 for a four-hour session. This gives you plenty of time to try your hand at a few different types of games, find what you’re good at, and what you enjoy the most.

It’s also plenty of time to get stuck into a long game and build a rivalry so intense with your friends that you’ll be coming back to settle the score. With that in mind, membership might be your best option at £25 for the year.

Don’t know why you should pay to play games that you could, in theory, be playing at home?


Think of Chance & Counters like a non-lending library. Apart from there being an incredible amount of games available—from the traditional roll and move variety to cooperative, mystery and combat style games—there are games that get damaged and pieces that go missing. So, the charge goes towards maintaining and ensuring that the games remain playable and aren’t sticky from having multiple beers spilled on them. (We all have that one friend who can’t control their excitement.)

To keep energy levels up, the café serves burgers and tacos for players to tuck into, as well as a selection of loaded fries, wings and other sides to share, with a number of vegan and vegetarian options to really make everyone feel welcome. The bar also stocks spirits and reds, whites and rosés, as well as a pretty good selection of beers and ciders, including some low-alcohol options. However, make sure to check out the boards for daily specials on draught beers, ciders, and cocktails for those party games.

Chance & Counters makes for the perfect alternative night out, one that will soon become a regular encounter with groups of friends. Book your table for your group today and get in on the all fun. Don’t have a group to play with? Don’t worry! Just let the friendly staff know and they’ll be sure to help you find new friends to pass some old-school time together.

The board game bar and café plans to reopen from April 14 for outdoor dining and al fresco-friendly gaming. Book your spot here.

Chance & Counters, Courtyard Studio 8, Custard Factory, Digbeth, B9 4AA

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