Assemble Your Smartest Friends And Attempt To Break Out Of This Online Escape Room

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan


Think you’ve got what it takes to break out?

Just when you thought you were safe from Breakout’s many escape rooms, they’ve figured out how to lure us into a new, digital challenge – and it’s more mind-boggling than ever before!

Combining everyone’s new favourite app, Zoom, with their much-loved escape room game,  the new experience is perfect for ditching the weekly quiz for, bringing a new lease of life to your weekly virtual hangout.

The new online escape room game allows 6 people from different households to take part, bringing the group together to pilot an experimental robot called B.R.U.C.E – who’ll need guiding through a series of challenges in order to solve your way to victory.


Lasting between 50-120 minutes, the game is the perfect way to keep your mind ticking during lockdown, taking your skills from all things pub quiz, to logical thinking. And for the more competitive types, the game can also be played solo, giving you much more focus to crack the game without distraction.

Available to play at any time, game access can be purchased now and cost just £15 for the full team to take part. All you have to do now is assemble your team. Better choose wisely!

Get access to the game via Fever.

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