Every Adult In Britain To Be Offered A Covid Booster Vaccine By The End Of December

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler


Last night, the Prime Minister delivered an update on Britain’s vaccine rollout, stating the aim to ensure every adult is offered a booster dose by the end of the year. Previously, the booster vaccines had been open to over-40s, over-16s with underlying health problems, and care workers.

With the new Omicron variant spreading rapidly, Boris Johnson stated the need to speed the process up dramatically in order to curb rising cases in the leadup to Christmas. The third dose will provide a “top-up” after immunity from doses one and two begins to wane.

From today (December 13), over-30s can book their third jab on the NHS website, with the programme being extended to over-18s from Wednesday (December 15). Those booking their vaccine must have had their second dose a minimum of 61 days beforehand. Additionally, anyone who has recently tested positive for Covid-19 must also wait 28 days before having their booster, starting from the date of the first positive result.

Walk-in centres across the country have also opened to the over-18s, and you can find your nearest site here.


Are any new measures in place?

Yes, but no new Covid-19 measures have been introduced since last week’s “Plan B” announcement. On Wednesday (December 8), Boris Johnson confirmed that face masks would once again become mandatory on public transport, in shops, cinemas, theatres and places of worship in England. Moreover, the public have been advised to work from home if possible, and vaccine passes for larger venues have been introduced. Read about the new measures in full here.

How do I book my booster vaccine?

By heading to the NHS website here. Please note that the website is currently flooded with those attempting to book their dose, and you may experience a short wait in the online queue. Alternatively, you can find a walk-in centre here to get your booster jab.

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