5 Of The Most Wonderful Woodland Walks Near Birmingham To Discover This Autumn

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Get back to nature with these woodland walks near Birmingham.

Looking for a change of scenery? Why not take a trip out and switch off from the world within a woodland blanketed with leaves, with a ton of beautiful routes right on our doorsteps? With around 20 woods recorded by the Woodland Trust within a five mile radius of Birmingham, there are a ton of beautiful routes right on our doorsteps. Whether you want to stay nearer the city or head a tad further afield for some stunning sights – these are the best woodland walks to try in Birmingham this autumn.

1. Warley Woods

Located in Smethwick, Warley Woods is a grade II listed park and its peaceful woods brimming with history and wildlife. Warley Woods has transformed immensely over the years as it went from being farmland to an estate and now a lovely public park filled with 10 different species of tree. It’s a tranquil place for woodland walks, especially a floor draped in crunchy leaves, and makes for a great escape from the Birmingham city centre. These woods in Sandwell even feature an Edwardian fountain that has been restored, as well as  a golf-course and a pavilion that includes a shop and café, which are perfect to pop into after a long walk in the woodland area.

2. Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood

Moseley Bog is a beautiful place to visit, and it just so happens that this beautiful place inspired The Old Forest in Tolkien‘s Lord of the Rings. The older woodland area of Moseley Bog has mature trees that bend and twist into all sorts of shapes making it appear rather magical. It may just make you feel as though you’re in Middle Earth as opposed to Birmingham! The more recently-planted Joy’s Wood, which is named after the activist Joy Fifer who saved it from being built on in the 1980s, offers a contrast to Moseley Bog with its meadow clearings with berries,  providing you with pops of colour on your walk. You could also extend your visit here by heading towards another Tolkien landmark that is the 250-year-old working watermill, Sarehole Mill.

3. Priory Wood Nature Reserve


This nature reserve lies within Sandwell Valley Country Park and has over 21 hectares of mature woodland, pools and grassland. Packed full of ancient trees (some dating back to before 1700) and home to countless wildlife species including heron, woodpeckers and dragonflies, this wood is filled with easy-access footpaths for everyone to enjoy. There is also the ruins of the medieval monastery, Sandwell Priory, nearby, plus a number of tranquil ponds to sit by and take in the calming surroundings. There’s even a working Victorian farm to visit within the country park as well as tearoom. If you’re looking to stretch your legs rather far you can also head to nearby nature reserves, Forge Mill Lake and Sots Hole.

4. Coldlands Wood

Situated around eight miles from Birmingham city centre, Coldlands Wood is a small hidden gem in Solihull, especially since the entrance is casually at the end of an alleyway. If you’re looking for a short, quiet woodland walk to get a bit of fresh air then Coldlands Wood is for you. The three-hectare site may be surrounded by houses but it’s absolutely gorgeous once you take that first step into the woodland area even during the cold weather. But, come around spring time onwards this wood becomes pretty special as the bluebells start to emerge on the woodland floor.

5. Yorks Wood

This 27-acre nature reserve in Kinghurst, east of Birmingham is a must-visit during all seasons. The ancient wood mainly features large, towering oak trees but then come spring, like Coldlands Wood, the woodland floor is then covered in bluebells. In the colder climates of autumn and winter, you’ll then find plenty of fungi that they’ll hardly be mushroom for your feet on the ground. Yorks Wood is not far from the the River Cole, the Kingfisher Country Park and for all you babs, there’s Babbs Mill Lake south of the wood should you want to explore further.

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