Birmingham Is Set To Enjoy A Warm Couple Of Weeks In June

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman


Ahhh, glorious sunshine!

We’re sure you don’t need telling, but this month has been rubbish weather-wise. We’ve had so much rain we’re surprised us Brummies haven’t dissolved. Whilst Brummies are certainly a hardy lot and not afraid of braving this lovely, soggy weather for the promise of a pint, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could have some proper sunshine this Summer?

Well, we’re in luck because next month is going to be an absolute scorcher at times, according to Accuweather, and we can’t wait!

Dig out the suncream, buckets and spades because although June’s going to start off wet with a temperature of 15°C, temperatures could rise to 22°C as the month progresses.


There are going to be a few soggy days in Birmingham (nothing new there), and even a couple of thunderstorms, but on the whole, the weather is going to be consistently warm – perfect barbecue weather.

July is going to be absolutely roasting with temperatures consistently between 19°C and 23°C, which sounds like a proper Summer to us!

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