Explore Birmingham’s Lengthy Canals On One Of These Lovely Boat Trips

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Any Brummie can tell you our mighty claim to fame.

Yes, that’s the one. We have more miles of canals than the so-called canal paradise Venice. Birmingham is the underrated king of the canal. And, on top of this reigning fact, we also have many means to explore the beauty of our canals, just as Venice does (well, kind of).

Rent a big ol’ boat

There are plenty of services that allow you to take to the waters on a long canal boat. Become your inner general that you’ve dreamed of every time you took a walk past a docked canal boat. It’s right there at your fingertips. Try out Sherbourne Wharf Ltd. to start trekking across all 35 miles of Brummie canals.

Get guided around the city on a canal tour

Just like the above, but without the faff of manning the boat, as well as an expert tour of Birmingham. Relax as you breeze through Brum with a cold drink on a spring morning. Check out Bosworth Cruises for such a service.

Take a canal boat holiday

If one day isn’t enough, then rent a canal to stay on all bloody week, captain. Stay out on the waters and get a taste of the life of a sailor while powering through the rough waters of Brummie canals. You can book your watery vacation with Black Prince narrowboat holidays.


Throw a canal boat party

Stumped for a stag or hen do? Want an original idea? Look no further than a party at the canal, baby. You can go wild on the boats by night and explore the quiescent waters by day. Just triple-check the bride or groom to be doesn’t get seasickness, mind. Check out Central Boat Parties based at Gas Street Basin for your Brummie boat raving requirements.

Kayak and canoe to your heart’s content

There is an array of Birmingham canal trails to lose yourself in. Rent a canoe, kayak or paddle board and relax among nature. Canoes can be hired at Go Paddling. They also list trails and offer awards and courses.

Enjoy a boozy cruise on the water

Run by local gin connoisseur, The Gintleman, you can book a ticket for one of these gin-tastic tours along the city’s prettiest waterways. Over the course of two hours you’ll be treated to an impressive selection of perfectly matched gins and tonics, complete with paired canapés and a cream tea featuring gin-infused jam. Something we can definitely get on board with!

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