Birmingham Has Been Named One Of The Best Christmas Markets In Europe For 2021

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Birmingham’s Christmas markets are one of the best out there. We know it and you know it, but it’s always nice to get the validation. A study by Christmas Tree World analysed Christmas markets throughout Europe on a number of factors to calculate their Christmas Market Score and reveal the best Christmas markets in Europe, with Birmingham bagging one of the top spots.

From a total of 65 Christmas markets in Europe analysed, Birmingham was crowned the fourth best Christmas market on the continent, just pipped by Prague, Manchester and Edinburgh. The study calculated each town or city’s score by looking at how long the Christmas market lasted, average nightly price of a three and four-star hotel in the city, number of Instagram mentions and annual Google search volume.

Credit: Frankfurt Christmas Market

Birmingham scored highly when it came to the duration of its Christmas market, as the event in the city lasts for 48 days, however it was beaten by Edinburgh (54 days), Innsbruck (50 days), Glasgow and Paris (both 49 days). And for those looking to book a hotel in Birmingham in order to visit the Christmas markets, the West Midlands city offered some of the cheapest accommodation compared to other cities in the UK, with the average nightly price of a three-star hotel costing £60. But if you want to get yourself a bargain room head to Vilnius in Lithuania where three-star rooms cost around £37 per night and four-star rooms cost £55 per night on average.


Plus, it seems that if people aren’t mentioning Birmingham’s Christmas markets on social media then they are searching for it online. Birmingham Christmas markets got a whopping 12,651 mentions on Instagram and an annual Google search volume of 22,040, which is pretty impressive.

Top 10 Christmas markets in Europe:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Manchester
  3. Prague
  4. Birmingham
  5. Tallinn
  6. Vienna
  7. Strasbourg
  8. Vilnius
  9. Budapest
  10. London

For the full results head here.

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