8 Alternative Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve While Stuck In Tier 3

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

8 Alternative Ways To Spend New Year’s Eve While Stuck In Tier 3

Staying in is the new going out, thanks to Covid.

Stuck for New Year’s Eve plans? Since the government dropped the bomb on us that we wouldn’t be going to the pub til 2021, we’ve been racking our brains for alternative ways to celebrate the beginning of a brand new year – and luckily for you lot, we had a few ideas that might soften the blow of having to stay at home. Read on for our guide to alternative things to do in tier 3 Birmingham this New Year’s Eve.

1. Order a fancy food box

Credit: Home by Nico

Not up for cooking this NYE? A number of Birmingham restaurants have put together the perfect DIY boxes, allowing fans to recreate their stunning dishes from the comfort of their own kitchens. From Six by Nico’s ever-changing Home by Nico boxes and Rudy’s Bake at Home pizzas, to other fantastic DIY kits by local restaurants delivered to your door – there’s plenty to go at that’ll save you the job of cooking.

2. Go to bed early so 2020’s over sooner

Credit: Unsplash

Because face it, it’s been a crappy year. If you can’t bear ringing in the New Year because of the disappointment after wasting a whole night celebrating 2020, we won’t judge. Get yourself to bed and forget it ever happened for a while.

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3. Party like it’s 1999 with your housemates at home

Credit: Unsplash

Can’t go to the bars? Bring the party to you and ring in the New Year with just your household. Get in the fizz, whack on a bit of music and party like it’s 1999 a la Prince.

4. Enjoy Opus at home with their amazing NYE set menu feast

Credit: Opus

Creating a special menu just for New Year’s Eve, Opus will be serving a five course menu featuring dishes such as cauliflower velouté, sesame seared tuna, fillet of beef, chocolate and hazelnut millefeuille, champagne and more for the occasion – with all the food and booze you’ll need to have a good time while stuck at home. Find out more here.


5. Tune into 24 hours of party vibes with the Haçienda

Credit: Todd Terry

Raising vital funds for the community, United We Stream will return this New Year’s Eve for an epic 24-hour party. The Haçienda will host the day-long party, with guests such as Peter Hook performing. The party has been created in order to raise donations for charity, OneGM, and all funds will go towards those affected by the pandemic in Greater Manchester.

6. Start Avengers: Infinity War at 9:48:51pm so that Thanos wipes out half the universe as the New Year is rung in

Credit: Marvel Studios

Because after the year we’ve had, it’d be pretty fitting, wouldn’t it?

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7. Enjoy Arch 13’s wonderfully-curated wine and cheese boards this NYE

Credit: Arch 13 at Connolly’s

Connolly’s wine bar will be curating special cheese and wine packages for you this New Year’s Eve, offering a wide variety of cheeses, wines and accompaniments for you to indulge in and have a tasty finish to the year. Plus, no preparation is involved so you can avoid the faff of slinging something up yourself. You can order your cheese and wine here.

8. Just give up, order a burger and watch rubbish on the tele til midnight

Can’t be bothered this year? Relieve yourselves of the pressures of celebrating New Year’s Eve and sack it all off for a naughty burger or kebab in front of the tele. That’s probably what I’ll be doing this year, anyway.

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