Here’s Everything That’s Dropping On Netflix In January 2022

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan


Found yourself running dry of Netflix content to watch? You’re in luck. Because the streaming platform is treating us to a number of new drops this month, including a couple of blasts from the past and brand new originals. From TikTokers trapped in a house together, to the binge-worthy series that’ll ease you through the bluest month of the year, here’s our guide to everything new to Netflix this January 2022.

The Gentlemen, January 2nd

Credit: Miramax

The Gentlemen pulled in quite the crowds at the cinemas upon its original release in 2019, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Guy Richie directed. Star-studded cast. The hope of being the next Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch. It even had some fantastic reviews from critics. And now, it’s dropping on Netflix. Starring the likes of Charlie Hunnam, Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant, the movie follows McConaughey’s weed mogul character Mickey Pearson, as he plans to sell up shop and retire once and for all. Expect the typical Guy Richie gangster antics. Stream it from January 2nd. 

Hype House, January 7th

Credit: Netflix

I think it’s safe to say, we either adore the Tiktok generation, or we’re simply fascinated by them. Something Netflix has capitalised on in the new reality series, Hype House. Providing a fly-on-the-wall look into the personal lives of the people behind some of the world’s most popular social media accounts, Hype House follows as a number of influencers navigate love, fame and friendship while creating content and living together. Basically, it’s kinda like Big Brother, but with a huge Gen Z overhaul. Watch it from January 7th. 

Brazen, January 13th

Credit: Netflix

Alyssa Milano stars in Nora Roberts’ Brazen, a murder mystery/romance which follows mystery writer Grace, who discovers her sister has been murdered. As the investigation unfolds, Grace must come to terms with the shocking double life her sister led as a webcam performer, all the while trying to keep her investigative instincts under lock and key. Watch it on January 13th. 

After Life (S3), January 14th

Credit: Netflix

Ricky Gervais’ After Life is back for a third and final season, so get the Kleenex at the ready. Little is currently known about what’s in store for Tony, however, Gervais has promised the character’s dog will not die during Tony’s mission to manage his grief (thank the heavens), so there’s always that little nugget to cling onto. What we do know is that season 2 left off with Tony coming to terms with his feelings for Emma while learning to find happiness in the world around him, so we can likely expect the story to pick up where it left off last year. Binge-watch it from January 14th. 


Archive 81, January 14th

Credit: Netflix

Produced by the King of horror, James Wan, Archive 81 is inspired by the found footage horror podcast of the same name – following an archivist named Dan Turner who finds himself wrapped up in an unsettling investigation about a demonic cult after uncovering a collection of damaged videotapes from the 90s. Stream it from January 14th. 

Ozark (S4), January 21st

Credit: Netflix

Ozark is coming to an end with its fourth and final season, which will begin with Part 1 on January 21st. Star of the show Jason Bateman has promised “super-sized problems for the Byrdes”, with four additional episodes added to the series to help the show go out with a bang. Expect tensions to be at an all-time high, plenty of cartel drama and plenty of buried secrets that won’t stay… well… buried. Watch part one on January 21st.

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window, January 28th

Credit: Netflix

Kristen Bell is back doing what she does best: satire. Taking swipes at the many, many mystery thrillers that have graced our screens over the years: The Woman in the Window, The Girl on the Train, to name just a few, Bell stars as Anna in the Rear Window-esque dark comedy, a ‘heartbroken’ recluse who sets her sights on a handsome new neighbour across the street – that is, before she witnesses a shocking murder. Produced by Bell and Will Ferrell, viewers can expect some satirical laughs throughout the series. Watch it from January 28th. 

Other highlights:

  • Marie Antoinette, January 1st
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles, January 1st
  • Four to Dinner, January 2nd
  • Dolittle, January 15th
  • Greed, January 15th
  • Annabelle Comes Home, January 17th
  • The Ice King, January 17th
  • Too Hot To Handle (S3), January 19th
  • Midnight Asia: Eat. Dance. Dream, January 20th
  • Munich, January 21st